Programa de 2 niveles intensivos de 2 horas diarias, denominado también Programa de Proficiencia en el Idioma Inglés

This is a program of 2 intensive levels of 2 hours a day, also called the English Proficiency Program, in which students who have passed the level B1 exam are located, otherwise they must take a course of leveling to prepare for the Senior Program.
At the end of Seniors the students reach level B2 of the Common Language Reference Framework. In addition, this course allows students to prepare for the FCE exam at the University of Cambridge. (First Certificate of English).

With the Seniors program students will achieve:

  • Systematic development of the four linguistic skills through realistic and motivating tasks.
  • Activation of essential vocabulary that includes colloquialisms, linguistic expressions, prepositional phrases and everyday use.
  • Understanding of easily extensive and intense readings of real contemporaneous interest including technical discussions in different fields.
  • Interaction with a high degree of fluency with native speakers without tension for any of the parties.