Fine-Tuned English Language Institute was officially and officially born in Loja on November 4, 1992. Its mentors and promoters of this utopian educational institution are two young professionals teaching English: Dr. Saula Aguilar de Ludeña and Lic. Edgar Iván Abad Villavicencio. This pioneering institution to offer the alternative acquisition of English, from its arduous foundational period, gradually became the appropriate, timely and valid response to solve the pedagogical, didactic and linguistic deficiencies of the teaching - learning process of the English language, in context communicative and intercultural; deficiencies observed in the vast majority of primary and secondary schools. Fine-Tuned English Language Institute in its hard work promotes the learning of the English language in the city of Loja, and as part of its normal process of growth and evolution, it expands its field of action at the level of the province in the city of Catamayo and the province of Zamora Chinchipe with regular courses for children, youth and adults, without neglecting to project in the later to other cantons. By virtue of a serious and renewing work, Fine-Tuned English Language Institute, has won in good faith the credibility and confidence of the cultured Lojana citizenship, to the point of determining an exponential growth of the student population, which commits our Educational Institution, with unceasing effort and enthusiasm, to continue to surpass itself to contribute to the advancement of education, science, culture and the arts of our lojana land and its area of influence.


“It is the leading institution in English language teaching. It is the only one that offers you an academic proposal tailored to your needs, to ensure a solid and effective learning. ”



Fine-Tuned English Language Institute’s mission is to offer our students an efficient and effective service in English language teaching and learning, achieved through the continuous improvement of the linguistic, pedagogical and technological process to optimize the development of skills: skills and cognitive, cultural and personal skills, in order to promote the improvement of human, professional and social fulfillment.



Fine-Tuned English Language In the context of the knowledge society, globalization, 21st century scientific and technological revolutions, cultural changes and emerging values, is an educational center of provincial and national projection, with participatory leadership and a new concept of organization, to meet the growing social and educational demands, in terms of teaching and learning of the English language, centered on the learner who learns, in the key of exchange, wealth and intercultural experience with a recognized efficiency and efficiency.

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